Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Final Blog and Group Technology

Technology has definitely helped me throughout this project and helped the group. We used email and blackboard to stay intouch and communicate, we also used these tools to figure out where and when to meet for group projects. We sent rough drafts back and forth to each other so we could proof read each others works and to add on to each others works. I do not know what we would have done if we did not have email or balckboard. We would have had to use the phone but still this would have been very difficult to get everyone on the same page. Email made it some much easier because it is a way you can connect everyone together all at once, we could send out widespread emails to each other, therefore everyone would would have the same exact information and would be able to access it equally. We did not have any virtual group meetings on the internet, but that would have been really neat to do and would also have been very effective.

Communication Is Key

I have had many jobs but one of the most challenging jobs I have had in my experience was being the social chair for my fraternity. At first I thought it was going to be the easiest job on the planet but after a few weeks I realized how big of a responsibility it actually is. So I am going to talk about one incident where there was some communication errors and how I dealt with them and how I could have dealt with them better.

I had sent out an email at the begining of the week on Monday telling the fraternity that there was nothing going on for the week. Then the next day I sent out an email telling them someone wanted to have people over for a Thursday night football game and that people should go out there. Well people liked the idea and had thier minds set on it. Well after having some pressure put on me through some of the younger guys, who wanted a C race at our house for the game, I sent out another email on Wednesday explaining the desire for one and that there would indeed be a C race on Thursday during the game. Well people did not like this. They were getting confused with what was going on and some people liked the idea and others were yelling at me about it. Well what I did to resolve the siutation was get angry and sent out another email telling people to do whatever they wanted to do but there would be a C race at the house if anyone wanted to come. Needless to say not too many people came and the house only had about twenty people there.

After long thought about how this all became a disaster I realized that it all originated with poor communication at the begining. I should have stuck with my original plan and not had been pressured into doing something I did not think was a good idea in the first place. To further discuss about the situation, to better the errors I had committed by sending the nasty email I could have collected my thoughts and composed a disarming email. Telling people the C race was cancelled and to go to the other original party.

My Favorite Three Presentations

First of all I really enjoyed Scottie's Presentation about Clemson football. The reason I really liked him at first is because he is very unconventional with his speach giving, he gives his own personality and you can tell he really enjoys being up on the center stage. Also I really enjoyed it because I love football and especially Clemson Tigers football.

In realation to Scotties performance I also thouroghly enjoyed Joe's presentation about the Steelers famous football game. Once again, as I am sure you can tell, I am a huge football fan so that is why this presentation stuck out to me. One of the things I really enjoyed about this particular one was that Joe had definitely done his research, and he knew his topic. He had a mapped out step by step actoin plan that happened on the field. I mean it was very intricate, he had every move that each player did for this exact play wether it be turns, twists, jumps, or sprinting Joe told us what was going on on that field that day.

I also Joey's presentation because I love Cincinnati Sky Line Chili. My step mom is from Cincinnati and she has made the dips and the soups with the chili and noodles. I have had everything from Skyline chili to the Skyline 5 way. But I never knew how to make any of these dishes, until Joe's presentation. I never knew it was that easy either. So I was really excited to learn how.

Job Interviews, My Experience & Thoughts

Then, respond to the article. Do you agree that these are the biggest mistakes that you could make in a job interview? Have you ever had a job interview? Describe what it was like? What can a person do to be well prepared for a job interview?

I do agree with the mistakes the article warned us about. Interviewing is a hard and nerve racking thing to go through and when tension gets high people tend to make mistakes. Which is why interviewing for jobs can make or break you. I have been through a few job interviews but I did not personally think they were too tough because they were either for lifeguarding positions or waiting tables, a job I was never too worry about not getting. There is always another lifeguarding job around the corner. When you go to a job interview you are asked serious questions about yourself, questions you might not be perpared for so the most important thing is to be honest, just like the article said. Employers can attain background checks on you so it is important to not strech the truth. What a person can do to be perpared for a job they really want is go through a series of questions provided through bestselling books. Or even better yet, they could go to an employer of a competing company for the employer they want to work for and have an interview with that company to get some practice. This may result as two job offers as well, so it is a win win situation.

Monday, April 20, 2009

10 Years...The Unknown & My Biggest Fear

In ten years I would like to be in a city near the water. But I honestly have no clue what it is that I exactly want to do, and it scares me. I know I have passions and I know I want to pursue them so I will mention a few. Helping others and beneifting the world, is something I really want to achieve. I want to leave this world better than I found it, that is why I have been thinking about the Peace Corps. Also I love cooking, so maybe one of thse days I could be a chef for a restaraunt, after a few years of culinary school. But most importantly I love musinc and I really want to pursue that. So if I was going to say anything I want to do is in stone it would be working with music. I want to be a band manager, a tour manager, or be in the marketing branch for a big record company. So maybe one day I could end up in Nashville or maybe even New York City. My personal life would have to be spontaneous, fun, and exciting. I never want to live a dull moment. I also do not want to get married too soon so I could possibly still be single when I hit thirty, or just not married. Either way I think that with what I want to do with music and my taste in lifestlye I think that I could succeed very well at my job in the music industry.

The Machine Is Us

The machine is us? The machine is using us? How crazy does this sound, a computer is using us? We have created a technology that is transforming and growing faster than anyone perceived and it is starting to take somewhat over the world. When the title says the Machine is us I think it is referring to or dependence of it. The video said every other second a blog is born. That is startling and shows how much we use and depend on these things. On the other hand when the title refers to the Machine is using us, I think what it is trying to say is how the machine learns from us and we teach it things everytime we use it, so therefore it is using us to get smarter and gain more power. It is referring to the theories that one day computers will literally manage everything in our everyday lives, like basically we will become computers or something. It is scary to me because sometimes I just can't stand the thought of technology addiction. I think if someone knows how to use the web 2.0 either before they work or if they do work already it will for sure be beneficial for them. This is because like I said we are so dependent on computer and that especially goes for companies.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ethics In The Business World

Ethics is a huge part of life and the business world. If there is a break between ones beliefs of ethics with another person the relationship will not have much to grow on. Also, it will surely not resemble a good business relationship. No one wants to do business with a person who they do not trust or respect, and if there is any doubt of ethical principles in a peer a business relationship might never exist.
A man of good character, a student of fair ability, with ambitious purposes, a congenial disposition, possessed of good morals, having a high sense of honor and a deep sense of personal responsibility. This is a quote that I have learned through my education here at Clemson. It is a quote I learned from my pledge ship book; in fact it is a standard. A standard others had seen in me and one I believed I attained. These are characteristics I have strived to achieve and ethical standards I will continue to embody throughout my college career and into the business world.